Reinventing Housing Typologies in Northern Iran, 2002-03, (M.Sc. Thesis Project)

Perspective view of the site

Coastal zone in Northern Iran has climatic and cultural attributes far different from the rest of the country. This has a considerable impact on the patterns of design in this area. Reviewing traditional housing qualities besides the modern changes of it, this thesis tried to propose a new definition of the housing typologies in this part of the country.

Back view of House Type I

Front view of House Type II

Back view of House Type III

The thesis consisted of two parts of theory and design. As per theory, there was an intense research on traditional housing qualities and case studies on few modern developments in the area, focusing on the impact of the distinctive qualities of the climate on design parameters.

This project which took more than 1.5 years to accomplish was concluded by designing development of a selected site on the hills of Chalous, a city by the Caspian Sea.

Night view of House Type II

The internal zoning of the space was based on a clear separation between three functional layers: main spaces in the front, services in the back, and circulation in the middle.

The double structure was chosen to navigate the infrastructure through the house. The plates in the northern ceilings and southern walls were located to direct the suitable winds of the North and North East inside the house, while avoiding the unsuitable rain of the North West.

Diagrams exploring the site and design concepts